Dear CHERS user,

We acquire your personal information when you access or navigate our site in order to manage your consent and preferences in compliance with the applicable legislation that imposes a privacy and security obligation on your data. If you choose to "accept the cookies," you consent to the use of your personal data in light of these processing activities. The website contents are managed by our "data protection officer." If you contact us via email, we may provide you the necessary information. This privacy notice is subject to change; for your information, you need to check for the most current version of our policy. You are allowed to revoke your consent for the future at any time. If you think that there is a mistake or something inappropriate on our site, please contact our friendly customer service team. We take all responsible care to keep your data in a secured and compliant manner, where permitted by law.



We are committed to protecting your privacy, and we will use your data as set forth in our policy statements here. As a convenience to our customers, we use a selection of authorized third parties and cookies to make our website easier to use. Any information that you submit is protected with multiple layers of security and responsible data practices to prevent threats and malware. We will retain your personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which it was collected. Generally, the data that we collect is treated with the utmost care to
prevent unlawful or unauthorized processing of your personal data.


Your information that we collect is listed below : -

  1. Your name, address, phone number, email address, and account information are required for service fulfillment.
  2. Your IP address, device information, pixels, and the geographic location specified in the IP address.
  3. Your shopping history and the social media information.
  4. Your credit card information and bank account details are needed for payment processing.
  5. Your technical information about your visit to
  6. Your image, date of birth, and personal preferences, like the products you viewed or searched for, or predictions of products that you may be interested in.
  7. Your URL cookie number, hardware identifier, clicks, views, and other behavioural information.
  8. Your oral information or the design layout that you provide for the room planning service and other commercial information.

How We Use Information & Why

We collect your data and use it for the following purposes:

  • Provide, maintain, and improve our products and services ; as well as communicate with you about orders, and promotional offers.
  • Create and maintain your account to deliver products and services.
  • Perform services and meet our contractual obligations.
  • To provide, functionality, analyze performance, and fix errors
  • To improve the usability and effectiveness of CHERS services.
  • Send notifications or alerts to your CHERS account.
  • To recommend new features, products, and services.
  • To interact with you in relation to our services.
  • Send newsletters, postcards, or information you request from our end.
  • To comply with legal obligations
  • To process or fulfil your orders and transactions.
  • To identify your preferences and personalize your experience with CHERS.
  • Enable you to participate in design events, contests, or promotions.
  • Analyze our website traffic and user activities to identify and repair errors.
  • To serve interest based advertisements to the extent allowed by law
  • To detect and prevent fraud and infringement.
  • Protect the rights of our users.
  • Respond to our customers' requests.
  • Assess and manage credit risks.
  • To process and fulfil the delivery of orders.
  • Manage activities and client relationships.
  • Organize events and resource plans to meet business demand.
  • To fulfil our order &  delivery endeavours


  • For analytical and internal research purposes, "CHERS" and our team will process data and store different data for different people for the purpose of business development and client relations.
  • We treat every customer like a VIP, and in that manner, we create individual specialized profile based on your collocation data.
  • Keeping our customers happy is like providing them with seamless customer service. experience.We may ask a few questions to narrow down the selection of options. that are available for you to store and access your information
  • We will provide you with a personalized ad profile on the basis of the fair and personal analysis of your site behaviour and browsing habits.
  • You can be assured that you’ll have a smooth, personalized user experience. delivered by sophisticated data mining techniques to deliver a unique experience to each site visitor>Select basic ads and customized ads to understand the behaviour of our customers and segment them accordingly.
  • We collect customer data to reduce friction and easily find what you’re looking for and for defining your key user segments by understanding our customers' intent and provide unique pathways to purchase for each segment.
Category of Personal Information Collected Category of Source of Collection Business or Commercial Purpose of Collection
Contact Information (such as name, email address, phone number, delivery address, etc.) *Provided by CHERS customer as a part of an purchase. *Marketing offers & special discounts for our furniture
*Purchase transaction
*Represent warranty and additional product assistance.
Design Preferences for custom orders *Cookie data from website (such as IP address, browsing history, collocation data, etc.) *Helping you make design decisions
*Create and maintain your account *To notify discounts and offers
*Suggesting to you your product variants and designs.
Transaction History *data produced in the course of the buying procedure *Fulfilling your order
*To assist with warranty and other product care and support
Warranty/Recall Service Data *Provided by clients, including via calls to customer service, online chat, etc. *Providing you repair or other services
*Provided by shipping partners during the service. *Alerting you in the event of a new product launches.
Delivery Fulfillment *Provided by shipping carriers to fulfill your delivery. *Delivering your furniture
*Photo/ video to serve as a proof for delivery fulfillment service. *Confirming delivery
*Documenting condition of furniture upon delivery



We will use your personal information only for the following purposes:

 We share your information within the CHERS family :

Where required, we may share, disclose, and transfer your personal information for legitimate business reasons. manage your order request, delivering the service. CHERS will comply with applicable requirements.

We will share your personal data in connection with your purchase :-
There may be instances where we share your information with banks to set up accounts and manage secure transactions. Your information will help us approve customers for services, determine credit card eligibility, and monitor fraud attacks.

We will share your information with third parties through links. In your use of our services, you can observe certain third party links or materials, and we have no control over this information and assume no responsibility to monitor these third party links. You warrant and represent that CHERS will not be liable directly or indirectly for this loss or damage in connection with your use of these third party links. We make no endorsement, or approval of the content, terms, or privacy policies of these third party links except those owned by us.

We will provide access to and a view of your personal information as and when required:
In certain situations, we may share your personal information with third parties with your consent and if it meets the conditions stated by law. When you show interest in participating in any service conducted by a third party, we may disclose your personal information as requested and allowed.

To exercise the right or cancel the request, you must contact our Client Assistance team. Your data will be stored on a secured server and used for
lawful purposes in a lawful manner.

We will use your information to send local notifications:
We will send local notifications to inform our users of important information, and they will be sent directly to your registered mobile number. In general, we send this notification to inform you of important messages, such as content or events, so that you can stay informed. We send these push notifications to inspire our customers with the best products and services.

We will keep your data for the following period of time:

We will keep your personal information for as long as it is required for reasons such as providing the service, resolving disputes, enforcing contracts, or complying with legal obligations.We document your information and preserve it for a time period, and the respective data will be deleted once the process is fulfilled. Your information will be bound by confidentiality obligations to meet our duties.


We place cookies on your data to understand your interests, remember your preferences, and to analyze your browsing habits Actively scan device
characteristics for identification. Use precise collocation data. store and/or access information on a device. Select basic ads. Create a personalized ads
profile. Select personalize ads. Create a personalized content profile. Select personalized content. Measure ad performance. Measure content performance. Apply market research to generate audience insights. develop and improve products. Gather important functionality, testing, and performance data about our services, including performance data; moderation, such as protecting against fraud, security incidents, and other
inappropriate activities; demographic information about our customer base; enabling advertising partners to work with us on advertising our services; and performing other similar functions. These cookies are required to be set in response to actions and for the activation of the functionalities to measure and improve the performance of our site. If you do not "Allow these cookies:" you will be restricted from using our site and you will experience less targeted advertising. These targeted cookies help us provide enhanced functionality and personalization.

Retention of information

We will store your personal information in a form that allows you to identify and access, the data that we collect will be used for a time period that is
reasonably considered necessary by CHERS to provide services and achieve the purpose outlined in this agreement.

Data collected from you will be anonymized or deleted if a judicial action is initiated by either of the parties and as applicable by law.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any moment. The CHERS Platform will post updated versions of the Privacy Policy as and when they are made. We suggest you read our privacy policy to get a clear understanding of how your data is used.

Governing Law

The privacy policy and relevant conditions stated in this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States. If there is any dispute regarding or arising out of this privacy policy, it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in California, United States.

Children’s Personal Information
We encourage families to read our privacy protections, as our services are not directed at children and are only intended for use by adults and teens. We do not solicit or collect any data from children under the age of 13, as we care for children's protection and online privacy. In order to access our site your legal age should be over 13, and you cannot use our site without receiving verifiable parental consent.

Please write us via email or reach us at the address below if you learn that your child has been using our without your consent. We will make sure that your child’s information is promptly removed from our systems.

Opt-Out Policy
Your data may be shared with third party service providers, but they are not allowed to use it to advertise their own products, send you marketing emails, or otherwise communicate with you in a sales-related or commercial manner. We leave it to you to decide about receiving promotional, marketing-related, or non-essential communication from us or our third party links.

You have the option to refuse the use of your information or the placement of cookies on your information. You can also reach us at xxxxx@ In accordance with the availability of contact information, we reserve the right to restrict membership. Prior to any steps being taken, all users will be notified through email.

The  terms, provisions, covenants, and restrictions set forth herein shall remain in full force and effect and shall not be affected, impaired, or
invalidated in any way if any term, provision, covenant, or restriction of this Agreement is determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful, illegal, void, or unenforceable. The parties hereto shall use their commercially reasonable efforts to find and apply an alternate method to achieve the similar results.

Third-Party Sites:
CHERS site uses third party analytics services, links to other sites to assist us in analyzing trends and statistics. We use third party sites to provide services on behalf of us . If you give consent, please ensure that you read their privacy policy and that you’re solely responsible for managing your preferences, as we have no control over this information. With the exception of, which is owned by us, we do not represent or endorse the suitability of the information privacy practices and policies of any other website. In addition to that, we may also transfer your information to our service providers for the processing of our order.

Changes to this Privacy Notice

Your data that we hold is accurate and current, and there will be minor changes to our privacy policy . Please inform us if your personal data changes
during your relationship with our CHERS services. If the changes are significant, we’ll provide you with a prominent notice, and most of the minor
changes will be posted on this page. It’s your responsibility to read our privacy notice when you access our site or CHERS platform. Our sites do not include third-party links or websites, and we’re not accountable for their privacy policies.

Secure Payment

Orders placed on our site are encrypted using SSL* technology, so you can rest assured that your transactions are protected. With SSL implemented on both the client and server, information sent via the Internet can be trusted to arrive privately and unaltered to our server. In order for SSL security to work, you must use an SSL enabled browser. Most browsers, version 3.x and later, support SSL.
*Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology used by vendors to ensure the security of online business. It negotiates and employs the essential functions of mutual authentication, data encryption and data integrity for secure transactions.


To protect your personal information, we take reasonable precautions and follow industry best practices to make sure it is not inappropriately lost, misused, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.
If you provide us with your credit card information, the information is encrypted using secure socket layer technology (SSL) and stored with AES-256 encryption.  Although no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is 100% secure, we follow all PCI-DSS requirements and implement additional generally accepted industry standards.

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