Our Story

Chers is a fast paced decor and cabinetry manufacturing company that is the zeal and colourful vision of three passionate friends whose motto is to create beautiful, timeless furnishing designs. After confronting insufficient furniture and expensive designs, we decided to start one, addressing this issue of cosy and sophisticated furniture with an efficient design spanning from classic, contemporary to modern.

Our products are destined for those who appreciate a unique taste—a combination of warmth and opulence—and have now become synonymous with understated luxury and excellent craftsmanship that can elevate your mind to comfort and productivity.With over 10 years of experience, a keen eye on aesthetics, and an understanding of unpopular concepts, we offer reliable products that can make your space brighter. Today, people look at Chers as the most valuable brand, crafting organic and sustainable furniture that contributes to their health and happiness.

Chers has come a long way since it was found in our garage and now prides itself on providing excellent customer service, creating smart solutions, and inspiring environments that everyone's eyes will take a gander at.

Chers stands out of the crowd through its strong commitment to sustainability, and as the provider of your dream space things that you saw and admired, we'll make them affordable to you.

Finding a key statement piece or a furniture outfit for your space can be quite a hassle. We’ve got you covered, where we offer a palette of aesthetic collections that bring satisfaction and match your lifestyle and persona.

Why Should You Go With Us?

We focus on products for customers, not customers for our products, with a balance of flexibility and durability over short-lived trends, so you can be sure you're purchasing a product that should last for years to come.

Using sustainable natural products has brought admiration to our work, and to support this, we’ve partnered with big chains that save forests and natural habitats. You’ll get a relentless satisfaction from purchasing our products, where you not only enjoy our works of art but also contribute 1% to the planet. We revere the loyalty and continuous trust of our customers, and this makes "Chers" furniture company the most valuable brand in the U.S. market among home enthusiasts. CHERS won’t settle for less than the best for you.

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