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We are looking for inspiring influencers to be our part, share your life and Chers products.


Be “CHERS” branding star

If you're a stylist at heart who loves to make creative decisions and influence new lifestyles, you're warmly welcomed by Chers community.

We Want You!

We're looking for influencing celebs and brand reputation builders to be Chers niche promoters. If you’re a charismatic person who is great at rallying others to see their vision of savoring every moment of life, let’s walk together!! Join us in embracing life and inspiring the world!

4 Benefits of Joining Chers

High Commission
High Commission

The high unit price of our furniture makes that you can earn 30%-40% more commission per order than other platforms.

Exclusive Offers
Exclusive Offers

Your followers will receive a universal discount coupon only from you, and excellent creators will get free samples and extra gifts from us.

100% Transparency and No Limit
100% Transparency and No Limit

Every click, order, commission tracked on your referral dashboard. No limit on the products or coupons you share from our site, and uncapped on your earning.

Have Influence
Have Influence

We will select some influencers to provide traffic and offer invitations to Chers events.

 Achieve high commission pay.

Earn high commissions, premium perks, advantages, and more incentives per order.

Exclusive membership

You’ll receive unbeatable coupons, exclusive rewards, and extended pricing privileges. You're going to love us!

100% transparency-

Our commitment to transparency is at the heart of our business, because trust is everything; you'll see true transparency built with us!

Get invited to events:

You’ll get invites to our most renowned design events and trade shows that will indulge in the world of inspiring and breathtaking creations."

Access to new products

First looks at our latest collections, exclusive content, and much more.

Win long-term partnerships -

Transform your business and unlock unlimited growth potential by forging a strong, long-term partnership with us.

Start to Influence Today!

Just 3 Steps

Get Reward
3. Get Reward

Get high commisssion reward for the order after it's completed.

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