Custom Orders - Sofa

Custom Orders


  1. Go with your instincts
  2. Just pick a fabric that has a finish you like.
  3. We’ll completely take care from your inspiration to installation
Pick your favorite furniture pieces
Pick your favorite furniture pieces
Provide your own material
Provide your own material
We handle the rest
We handle the rest

CHERS encourages customers to express their uniqueness to the world and find an option they love. By giving our shoppers the full liberty to design furniture, accessories, and quality consumer products, we’re able to keep our customers happy and satisfied with the highest quality, the utmost comfortability, and, of course, style.

With our commitment to using organic materials, we bring together good products, people, and values, so you can be sure you're purchasing a product that should last for years to come. Our design experts will get in touch with you within 5 business days and offer you an estimate and plan that suits you.

“ We’re happy to set it up for you.”

Just fill out the form and create a design that mirrors your style and energy forever. 

All custom orders are deemed "final sale" and are not to be canceled or returned. Production commences only after a custom order has been submitted, and there is no guarantee that it can be modified, so cancellation is no longer possible. Any overdue invoices or additional production costs you incur will automatically entitle you to payment in accordance with our policy statements. If more than 1 roll is required, add 1 extra yard per roll to account for any defects that may occur during the production time frame.

Any upholstery that is inadequate for production may be rejected. CHERS is not responsible for the receipt of defective fabrics. The sole purpose of CHERS is to reduce waste and provide you with more options, but if there are any performance issues with upholstery materials, wear, fading, stretching, unraveling seams, or other issues, we are not responsible. Remember, our system will not accept any returns or refunds for COM orders, so we recommend you read this carefully before committing to your purchase with CHERS disclaims all liability related to the flammability of any COM. The cost of all freight for all COM to our warehouse is the responsibility of the customer.

There will be no exceptions to our agreed-upon terms and conditions.

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