Cheryle's Hair Care

Hair Care Tips

Cuts for Texture
  • For thick or Wavy Hair
    Long Layers,  will boost up wave and curl.
  • For Medium Hair
    For volume have hair cut in graduated layers.
  • For thin Hair
    Keep hair trimmed in order to maintain body. Don't let it get to long. As it will become Stringy & flat. Have it cut blunt.

    • Get a Good Hair Cut
      That does not require allot of styling. A cut with good lines takes longer to grow out allowing for more time between trims.
    • Get a Perm
      Instead of tight curls. Ask for one for lift and movement.
    • When hair is fine Create Movement
      Lots of layers for movement.
    • The quickest hair set ever
      Wrap wet hair into a bun. When it's dry take it down and you will have lots of waves.

    • For ultra fine straight hair
      Cut into a bob and have the ends texturized with a razor. Makes hair fuller and softer.
    • For a new curly hair look
      Crop curly hair extra close wash and then finger comb in a strong holding gel. Hair is ready in seconds.
    • To short of a cut
      To ad volume and to soften the look, highlight or color. Either process ads texture and body. A lighter shade takes the sharp edge off a short cut.

    Glamour is back. 
    Say good-bye to messy hair, more short barbered cuts & longer hair that is sleek and more finished. 
    Touchable curls & long fringy bangs. 
    Layers are ! HOT ! Long layers especially in the front. 
    Mousse is making a comeback for increasing body & softness 
    • Simple and well cut.
      Pull it back or cut it off.
    • If you cut it off
      Short cuts open up the face and make small features stand out. Makes fine hair look thicker.
    • If you have tinted hair
      Go a shade darker. In summer don't ad highlights, cover up when you go outside.

    • Every shampoo
      Condition, rinse with warm water, than cold to shock the cuticle closed. Be generous you may need two quarter's worth of conditioner.
    • For colored hair
      Every week use a heavy duty moisturizer that will help strengthen the hair.

    • In a average year.
      The average head of hair is shampooed 275 times. 
      Encounters a blow dryer 275 times. 
      Is attacked by a brush and comb 730 times. 
      Under goes coloring a dozens times. 
      Has four perms. 
      Spends up to three months under the sun.

    • For brittle hair split ends and breakage.
      After shampooing hair use a hot oil treatment on hair leave on 20 minutes and rinse it will also replenish lost moisture.To make color stay longer..
      When washing the color out, rinse longer than usual, with cold water. This will allow the color to stay longer and be more brilliant.

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